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"Jennifer James is the top woman speaker in America." Leigh Speakers Bureau

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Thinking in the Future Tense Book Picture

Thinking in the Future Tense

Leadership Skills for a New Age. People who hope to seize the competitive advantage tomorrow must learn to "think in the future tense": to identify the changes taking place around them, to interpret their meaning, and to benefit accordingly. Survival skills now require perspective (the ability to identify the important changes), energy (the ability to do more with less), and a "menagerie" mind (the ability to create new patterns). This book makes it possible to understand and apply the skills that will be crucial to success in the twenty-first century.

Paperback $13.00 each.
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          Steps to Wisdom Book Graphic

Twenty Steps to Wisdom

This is a time when we are hungry to know more. Our stomachs are full and we wonder if our souls are empty. We yearn for the return of wisdom. There is a known path that is shared by all the wisdom traditions. Here, in this beautiful little book, are the twenty steps, from awakening to transformation, followed by virtually every religious and philosophical tradition that has guided us for 3000 years.

Hardcover, $14.95
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          and the Blues Book Photo

Women and the Blues

Jennifer James presents a down-to-earth approach to understanding the good and the bad in life, the problems that give women and men the blues. Detailing dozens of "hurts and lows," Jennifer breaks down her analysis and advice by symptom, then examines the specific problem and provides short and long-term solutions.

Paperback, $15.00
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          is the Quality of Your Journey Book Cover

Success is the Quality of Your Journey

This book is the original collection of Jenniferís commentaries. There are over 100 witty, thoughtful and sometimes moving selections that will add optimism, understanding, and depth to your life.

Paperback, $10.00 - Also available on audio tape $5.00
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Windows Book Picture


A word, a moment, a new perspective can change a lifetime. Here are some new windows through which to see your world. This is the second collection of Jenniferís commentaries. She offers you a chance for more grace and wit, more humor and quality. The possibility of new choices. There is also within these covers her Nepal journey to the "top of the world."

Paperback, $10.00
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          From The Heart Book Picture

Visions From The Heart

With candor and warmth, Jennifer James shares many of the personal insights she gained about her childhood, her relationship, and her career while on her own vision quest. She gives us powerful excerpts from many literary and cultural works, including poetry and fiction, to ponder and reflect upon. Most of all, Dr. James serves as a real teacher in setting up guideposts to help each of us discover our own spirit.

Paperback, $10.00
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          Yourself Against Criticism - The Slug Manual Book Picture

Defending Yourself Against Criticism - The Slug Manual

This is the expanded edition of The Slug Manual. The world is full of criticizers and perfectionists. People who have an overabundance of slugs - slimy critters that can ruin a day or a relationship. This book provides the tools you need to understand verbal attacks and defend yourself against them. You can learn to laugh at the absurd things we say to each other.

Paperback, $10.00
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Life is a Game of Choice

This workbook is made up of twenty-six pages of information with illustrations and exercises on how you can make changes in your life.

8" x 11" workbook, $3.95
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