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Jennifer James is a cultural anthropologist, lecturer, writer and commentator, who is known to audiences around the world for her innovative ideas. She works on an international level with corporations and associations helping people to meet the challenges of today's transitions. Her speeches and seminars deal with the human face of technological change and the development of cultural intelligence. Dr. James is a specialist in areas of cultural change, diversity and marketing intelligence.

Jennifer regularly receives standing ovations and is described by clients, ranging from Georgia-Pacific, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and the national Association of School Boards, as “inspiring, incredible, thought-provoking, innovative, humorous, energizing, empowering, just brilliant” and “the best speaker I have ever heard.” 

She is a published author of seven books, which include Windows, Success Is The Quality Of Your Journey, and Thinking in the Future Tense.  She has written more than 50 academic articles and wrote a newspaper column for the Seattle Times for 18 years.  She is currently writing a book, Cultural Intelligence for Harvard Business Press.

  Jennifer James

Dr. James earned her Master’s Degree in history and psychology and her Doctorate in cultural anthropology.  Before entering the public arena, she was a professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington Medical School for twelve years.

She has been an N.I.M.H. Fellow, served on research review committees and on the editorial board of academic journals. Jennifer has received many honors including excellence in journalism awards, an International Film Festival gold medal, a Cindy Award for special achievement and was Billboard Radio Personality of the Year.

She is the founder of the Committee for Children a nonprofit organization that develops curriculums for the protection of children and the development of alternatives to violence. These curriculums, “Talking About Touching, Second Step” and “Steps To Respect” are now in taught in every state and in 37 other countries.

“Absolutely brilliant! Worth the trip! I found taking notes difficult, because I was so involved with listening”

“I’ve heard her before! Awesome speaker - wealth of knowledge. Excellent choice for closing speaker! Thanks!”

“This speaker held my attention for the entire three hours. Please do have her back next year”


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